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A chic lifestyle brand.

Cards, Cashmere and Chic Accessories.




Our brand is strong, it's chic, has integrity, class, exudes confidence and takes no BS.  

We are all beautiful. PaperQueen is passionate about making your beautiful shine bright. We want to enhance it, encourage it and style it by offering beautiful products that uplift you, inspire you, making you stand out and an even better version of you. Be authentic, be yourself, better yourself, educate yourself, be grateful, humble, interesting and interested. We truly believe this to be a great mantra to live by. 


Annabel St. John

"An innovative and creative thinker, fashion illustrator and design enthusiast, Annabel St. John is undeniably making her mark. As the founder and Creative Director of PaperQueen, St. John has harnessed her strong business sense, artistic vision and design talents to grow her company and the PaperQueen brand into what she refers to as "a way of life". Named West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce 'Business of the Year' in 2011, St. John is a force of positive energy building a company that promotes communication, empowerment and style. A guiding light and perpetual inspiration, St. John is living proof that anything is possible with positive energy, hard work and a belief in yourself."

Life is real, I am real. As real as they get really. Life can be wonderful la, dee, da but them it can turn in a flash and punch in the face. Sometimes for days or even years. But then miraculously the clouds lift and life gets brighter again.  Time is a beautiful thing. I want people to know that it's ok to say they're having a shit time. Send a friend a "He's a f&*ker" card after she's been dumped. Acknowledge it happened. Writing a card is way better than phoning at a time like that. No one wants to answer the phone when they're miserable and bawling. But he/she will LOVE getting that card in the mail.  They will tape it up on the bathroom mirror, and keep it there for months. Trust me, I've seen them in bathrooms and closets. I've been told and emailed about people receiving such cards. As humans we must support, uplift, encourage and celebrate one another. This is where I get my inspiration for my cards. This thing called life.

Ask me a question and I'm going to tell you the answer, with not much candy coating. I wish more people were like that. (I loathe passive aggressive. Just say what you mean or what you want!) Maybe that's why my cards resonate with so many people. They say what people are secretly too afraid to say. I'm just trying to keep the world communicating, one card at a time.


PaperQueen was founded on the success of one hand drawn illustration that seemed to connect with many women. Then a birthday card was designed that was written in a style that hadn’t been produced in the greeting card world before. Then another, and another which is how the entire line of greeting cards evolved and turned the company into an internationally recognized line of greeting cards and high end stationery.

One of my favorite things to do is to create and design cards, finding the perfect words to match the illustration so it resonates with the audience, touching them in an unexpected, memorable way. And when I hear a gasp followed by a chuckle, I know I've nailed it. Laughter is key. We just want to uplift the card industry, one great card at a time.

I hope you get a kick out of my line as much as I do creating it.


Paperqueen was the first Canadian greeting card company that Neiman Marcus Online offered for sale and honoured to be chosen to be printed on the cover of their NM Stationery Catalogue in the Fall of 2003. 

We have been featured on the uber trendy "OBJECTS OF DESIRE" page in InStyle magazine, listed as one of the "TOP 10 BABY GIFTS TO GIVE" in People magazine, Vitamin V, The Vicki Gabereau Show as well as in Elle, Flare, Canadian House and Home, Weekly Scoop, Lou Lou and many other North American distributed magazines.

CHARITIES | Annual Giving, Commitee + Director Positions

BC Cancer Foundation

BC Women’s Hospital Foundation

Mums 2 Mums

Taste the World

Face the World

Powell Place Women’s Shelter

Vancouver Sun’s Adopt A School Fund

Boys and Girls Club | Board of Director

FWE | Vancouver

A chic lifestyle brand synonymous with grace set on styling your beautiful.



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