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  • Pink Denim Poncho (LAST CHANCE!)
  • Pink Denim Poncho (LAST CHANCE!)
Pink Denim Poncho (LAST CHANCE!)


Cashmere is the warmest and softest wool on earth so why wouldn't you want this as your second skin? If you invest in one great piece of clothing this, or any season, make it our cashmere poncho. This one size fits all wardrobe essential can be worn over eight different ways and keep you chic and feeling cozy. Small enough to tuck into your handbag and pull out at a moments notice, they're so fab you won't be able to resist just buying one colour.


Size: 25" x 54"

Finishing: mother of pearl buttons and finished edges on all four sides

Blend: 80% cashmere, 10% merino and 10% bamboo 

Care: Hand wash and lay flat to dry OR dry clean

Designer: Queen & Grace

Pink Denim Poncho (LAST CHANCE!)

$85.00 $125.00


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